Sunday, November 4, 2012

I should be in bed.....

...I hate these damn hot flashes....they're even worse when I'm under the gun (not literally of course)'s been a fricken crazy crazy week....the type that I said I would never have again since having had cancer....such an ugly word.  But here I am once again (and again....if you find a missing "m"'s this damn keyboard that's all gunked up with "stuff"!... I promised myself that I would take life slower...ha!

One of the companies that I work for is "public"...which means they get audited...alot....we've now just amalgamated and are going through an audit for our year-end AND....I'm heading off to Toronto for 2 weeks worth of training "shoved into 3 days"..tomorrow.  So being the good mother/wife that I am....the clan is set...they will not starve and they know their duties.  My daughter is already in tears.  My stomach is in knots....I hate those metal birds!  I have to say though....I'm kinda looking forward to the trip will actually feel like a holiday...hello?!?!?....I don't have to cook for 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....and there's a magnificent pool and gym at this hotel.....and I'm going to call in for room service and drink a bottle of wine....every night!!

I just hope they remember to feed the fish.

And yes...I will have "technology" with me and may be inclined to write some more.....between hot flashes!

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