Thursday, June 9, 2011


Tomorrow I have my 16th of 20 radiation nipple is about to fall off...sorry to you more "sensitive" ones's like I've exposed my boob and upper back to the summer sun for two days straight.  Or another way to sum the feeling up is...I'm "breast feeding" again....remember that????...."teeth"!!??!?  I'm giddy with excitement to know that that is the end of this type of radiation.  I already have a square marked on my boob for the next four treatments....but hello....I'm going to Seattle tomorrow!!  I don't care that I'm going to pick up a rear window for a '69 Mustang Mach I....I get to stay overnight in a hotel (in Bellevue) and go to restaurant and have someone else wait on me....I'm stoked!!  Knowing my luck though I'll get my period...sorry.....then again...I should be pretty much "dry" from all the drugs.  Hey did I tell you....I'm going away for 24 hours!!!  Hell ya!

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