Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I thought as the kids got older....life would slow down a little more.....

Ha!!!  Was I ever wrong!!

And I worry more about the kids now then I did when they were falling over their feet smacking into the corner of a marble fireplace ledge!!

A rundown of where the kids are at nowadays....I really don't have any time other than for training, cooking, cleaning, driving and of course...working....because I wouldn't be able to do any of the above with some cashola in the pocket.....where it doesn't stay for very long!

The youngest:

She'll be turning 12 this June but hasn't managed to turn into the snotty little self centered girl that most of her school-mates have turned into...not yet.  She's still my little girl and she's in no rush to turn into a teenager just yet.  She is having a great time with her jazz solo performances and this weekend (4 days of it) performing as "Sprigget" in a Robin Hood play that she's involved with.  I don't know where she gets the guts to do this stuff in front of audiences but..."kudos" to her!!  I'll be spending Thursday and Friday helping out with driving and back-stage.  The hubs and I get to "enjoy the show" on Sunday.

The middle child:

He just turned 16 in March and has managed to beat his older brother in getting his learners permit to drive....so far so good.  It took 2 years for me to let my oldest drive "my car"...so the middle one will have to wait a bit longer....Grandpa's Honda Civic works just fine for now.  Anyways...poor kid suffers from migraines and eczema.  It's the migraines that are becoming a nuisance.....missing way too much school....stayed home yesterday and today staying in bed until 2 pm....we're off to the doctors...again...tomorrow.

The oldest:

Ah my first born....and my biggest concern at this point.  He's currently in second year electrical apprenticeship at BC%IT....and hopefully passing...with a new road bike (from dad) as an incentive to "get through this year"...it's apparently the toughest of the 4.  He's back to work in 2 1/2 weeks.  Mom does too much for him and she knows it....and kicks herself for it but....she is "mom".  He continues to love and take care of his 2007 Ranger pick-up and is clean cut and loves to "trail run".  He's really a very good kid (I need to stop calling him that...he'll be 20 in August.....that makes me "old")...perhaps a little "lazy" but then again...which of my kids isn't??....or anybody's kids?  My issue with him is....spending $134.00 at He9p H2mp H$$ray....and withdrawing $100 cash x 2...for what?  No please...don't answer.  See I don't have a problem with him smoking weed...heck...BC has some of the finest....and I was no different at that age...wait...no....I was younger....and neither was his father (actually when he thinks of what he did at that age....he's deeply concerned for his son)....my concern is that he tries something harder....and then we take off, end up living on the streets of Main and Hastings, dancing half naked, slamming on "regular folk" car hoods because "the car" got in the way!

Parenting is hard....I'll keep on 'em.

Weather has warmed up and should be going up to 23 C this weekend....planning on a good ride tomorrow and an even better one on the weekend...in between all the other things I do.  I think it's a KFC dinner night tomorrow.

The hubs surprised me with a new floor pump for my/our bike(s)...oh the things that excite me in my age....

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