Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Every once in a while......

....it still hits me and scares me just a little.

I think I've put up a pretty damn good fight to date but every one in a while...I'm terrified about what the next follow-up will bring forward.  Feeling good, keeping the weight...even though I'm trying to lose some!....obviously if I'm able to do the mileage I do...I should be semi-healthy!?!  But I guess it's during those long (alone) rides that the mind goes into full swing....heck today....I was riding and remembered that I forgot to get Teddy the "spits" he asked for....two weeks ago!  So alot of thoughts go through my mind in my many km rides..some good, some make me smile, some make me go "gasp" and some make me a little sad.  The main thing is that I'm here, I've made it thus far and I'm spinning those two wheels...and using alot of "udder butter"!...lol

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