Saturday, January 26, 2013

Questions for my California bud Erik!

So I've looked at a lovely Trek bike ($2,900), a gorgeous Argon (full carbon $2,700) and a very lovely Giant Avail Composite 3 (full carbon $1,700)....I have one more shop to check out...what do you think so far?  I'm definitely smitten on the $2,900 Trek,'s at Cap's and they're a large chain bike shop...I'd rather  support the smaller shops!  I just don't think I need to spend over 2 grand!!?!?  What's your opinion re:  carbon over aluminum?

I'd rather put the money towards a really good frame, shorts, shoes and all the other accessories...including a wind trainer!


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Erik Orgell said...

I've never had a carbon bike and I tend to think of carbon as being expensive and disposable. Not sure what the lifespan of a carbon frame is but I bet it isn't as long as aluminum (and definitely not as long as steel).

Do you need brand new? You can get a heck of a lot more bike if you consider buying used if there are decent listings in your area.

I would hesitate to drop $2k on a bike right out of the gate. Especially since you need the rest of your kit still (and good cycling shoes are as important as good cycling shorts).

I would concentrate your cash on those areas where you will be directly contacting the bike. Great gloves, great shorts and a good bike that you can upgrade or replace as your needs warrant.